Model Canon Large Format Printer iPF6410S
Class 24"
Ink Type Pigment inks; LUCIA EX; 8-colours: BK , MBK , C , M , Y , PC , PM , GY
Maximum print resolution 2400 x 1200dpi
Installation User installation
Product Durability 15, 000 sheets of A1-size (No maintenance)
45,000 sheets of A1-size (with service maintenance)
(Printing condition: each colour 16 % duty, glossy paper, standard mode)
Printer Stand Type Assembly type, optional
Installation conditions User installation
Dimensions, Weight (Net)
W x D x H (mm), (kg)
Main unit with Auto Roll Feed Unit (standard) 1,227 x 702 x 344mm; Weight: approx. 54kg (excluding consumables and a Printer Stand)
Main unit with a basket open and a printer stand 1,227 x 870) x 1,001mm; Weight: approx. 70kg (excluding consumables)
Basket close: 1,227) x 751 x 1,001mm
Main unit with a basket open,a printer stand and Spectrophotometer 1,227 x 970 x 1,001mm; Weight: approx. 91kg (excluding consumables)
Basket close: 1,227) x 875 x 1,001mm
Dimensions, Weight (Packaged)
W x D x H (mm), (kg)
Main unit (pallet included) 1,370 x 928 x 668mm; Weight: approx. 88kg
Printer Stand Countries except USA 1,127 x 870 x 283mm, Weight: approx. 26kg
  USA 1,370 x 928 x 948mm, Weight: approx. 116kg
Power Supply Input power AC 100 - 240V (50 - 60Hz)
Power consumption Operation: 100W or less
Standby power consumption
(At the low power mode)
5W or less
Power off (standby) 0.5W or less
Operational Environment   Temperature: 15 - 30°, Humidity: 10 - 80 % (Condensation free)
Acoustic Noise
(Measured under the conditions in the right column, based on ISO 7779)
Acoustic pressure Operation approx. 47dB (A) (Glossy paper, Image, Print priority: Standard)
Standby: 35dB (A) or less
Acoustic power (LWAd) Operation 6.4Bels or less (Glossy paper, Image, Print priority: Standard)
Detector and Adjustment Registration adjustment Automatic / Manual
Banding adjustment Automatic / Manual
Line length adjustment Manual
Head slant adjustment No
Colour calibration Yes (with a colour calibration notification function)
Head gap adjustment Automatic / Manual (6 levels)
Non-firing detection Yes
Non-firing compensation Yes
Roll media remaining detection function Yes
Line Accuracy ±0.1 % or less
User adjustments necessary. Printing environment and media must match those used for the adjustments.
CAD paper required: Plain paper, CAD tracing paper, coated paper, CAD translucent matte film only
Memory Standard memory 256MB
Expansion slot No
Firmware Languages Printer language GARO (Graphic Arts language with Raster Operations)
  Job control CPCA
  Status reply CPCA, SNMP-MIB(Standard MIB, Canon-MIB)
Type Flash ROM
Update Updated from USB, 1394, Ethernet port (Utility use)
Operation Panel Display Large LCD: 160 x 128 dots, LED x 5, Key x 13
Language on operation panel US-English, Japanese
Displayable Language on LCD US-English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese (Kanji)
Hard Disk 2.5-inch 250GB 5400prm S-ATA I/F
Interface Hi-Speed USB Type Built-in
Mode Full Speed (12 Mbit/sec), High Speed (480 Mbit/sec), Bulk transfer
Connector type Series B (4 pins)
Ethernet Type Built-in
Standard IEEE 802.3 10base-T
IEEE 802.3u 100base-TX / Auto-Negotiation
IEEE 802.3ab 1000base-T / Auto-Negotiation
IEEE 802.3x Full Duplex
Protocol IPX / SPX (Netware 4.2(J), 5.1(J), 6.0 (J))
SNMP (Canon-MIB), HTTP, TCP/IP (IPv4/IPv6), AppleTalk
Expansion Slot None
Print Head
Print Head Model PF-05
Type Bubble-jet on demand
Head configuration 6 colours integrated type (6 chips per print head x 2 print heads)
Nozzle pitch 1200 dpi x 2
Nozzle per chip MBK / BK / M / Y: 2,560 nozzles for each colour
C / PC / PM / GY: 5,120 nozzles for each colour
Droplet size 4pl
Head replacement User replacement
Ink Tank    
Ink Tank Model 130ml:PFI-106 / PFI-8106 BK / MBK / C / M / Y / PC / PM / GY
300ml:PFI-206 / PFI-8206 BK / MBK / C / M / Y / PC / PM / GY
Supply Tubing system (with sub-tank)
Colours Pigment ink 8 colours (BK / MBK / C / M / Y / PC / PM / GY)
Capacity Starter use:BK / MBK / M / Y 90ml, C / PC / PM / GY 120ml
Sales use: 130ml / 300ml
Level detection Detected by dot count and electrode (Empty)
Smart chip Each ink tank is equipped with EEPROM which stores its ink level
Cutter Model -
Type Automatic horizontal cutting (Rotary cutter), independent unit
Cutter durability (cuts) 15,000 cuts for A1-size media
Replacement -
Media Handling
Media Feed and Output Roll paper (Auto Roll Feed Unit: Standard) One Roll (top-loading [front operation possible], front output)
Cut sheet Manual feed
(1 sheet)
Front loading and front output, top loading and front output
Delivery direction Face-up, Front side
Maximum stacking number of delivered prints Basket: one sheet
Media Size Roll paper (width) ISO A3, A2, A1
JIS B4, B2
ARCH D (24")
Others 8", 10", 14", 16", 17", 300mm, A3+ (329mm)
Cut sheet (top loading) ISO A4, A3, A3+, A2, A2+, A1, B4, B3, B2
DIN C4, C3, C2
JIS B4, B3, B2
ANSI 8.5 x 11", 8.5 x 14", 11 x 17", 13 x 19", 17 x 22", 22 x 34"
ARCH 9 x 12", 12 x 18", 18 x 24", 24 x 36"
Photo 20 x 24", 18 x 22", 14 x 17", 12 x 16", 10 x 12", 10 x 15", 16 x 20" (US Photo size)
Poster 20 x 30", 300 x 900mm
Others 13 x 22"
Cut sheet (front loading) ISO A2, A1, B2
ANSI 17 x 22", 22 x 34"
ARCH 18 x 24", 24 x 36"
Photo 20 x 24", 18 x 22"
Poster 20 x 30"
Others 13 x 22"
Media Thickness Roll paper   0.07 - 0.8mm
Cut sheet Manual feed from top 0.07 - 0.8mm
Manual feed from front 0.5 - 1.5mm
Maximum Outside Diameter of Roll Paper   150mm
Media Core Size   Internal diameter of roll core: 2" / 3"
Media Width Roll paper 203.2mm - 610mm
※Formal supported "Media Width" is limited to the "Media Size"(roll paper widthes) specified in this document.
Cut sheet Manual feed from top 203.2mm (8") - 610mm (24")
Manual feed from front 250 - 610mm (24inch) * POPboard only
Minimum Printable Paper Length Roll paper   203.2mm
Cut sheet Manual feed from top 279.4mm
Manual feed from front 350mm , 420mm (with SU-21)
Maximum Printable Paper Length Roll paper   18m (Varies according to the OS and application)
Cut sheet Manual feed from top 1.6m
Manual feed from front 914mm
Margins Recommended area Roll paper Top: 20mm, Bottom: 5mm, Left / Right: 5mm
Manual feed from top Top: 20mm, Bottom: 23mm, Left / Right: 5mm
Manual feed from front Top: 20mm, Bottom: 23mm, Left / Right: 5mm
Printable area Roll paper Top: 3mm, Bottom: 3mm, Left / Right: 3mm
Roll paper
(borderless print)
Top: 0mm, Bottom: 0mm, Left / Right: 0mm
Manual feed from top Top: 3mm, Bottom: 3mm (*1), Left / Right: 3mm
Manual feed from front Top: 3mm, Bottom: 23mm, Left / Right: 3mm
Borderless Printing (Roll paper only) Media width   10" (254mm), B4 (257mm), 14" (356mm), 16" (407mm), A2 (420mm), A2+/17" (432mm), B2 (515mm), A1 (594mm), 24" (610mm)
Media feed capacity Manual feed   1 sheet (from top, from front)