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Printer Functions and Types: Choose According to Your Needs

Printer Functions and Types

The word “printer” in English means a machine that can be used to print text or images. The main function of the printers is to present text or images to flat media such as paper in various sizes.

After all, everyone needs a printer for different needs. For example, high school and college students usually need to print black and white documents. For office purposes, usually need black and white or colour printing, depending on the type of business.

According to consumer needs, printers are currently available in various types. Here are some types and functions of printers that you need to know before buying:

Inkjet Printer

This is a type of printer that uses ink with the base of a liquid and usually used to print documents in the form of text and images. The colour of the ink used for inkjet printers may be vary. Inside the printer, we may find 2 cartridges, one for black ink and the other for colour. This type of printer is most widely used because of its practicality, besides the selling price (which is quite affordable). 

Ink Tank Printer

Ink tank printers are also known as infusion printers. Ink tank printers have modifications so that the printer machine can use more ink. The trick is to use the ink tank that build outside the printer body. That way the process of refilling ink becomes much easier, not only that but printing costs can also be saved. Because of the function of the ink tank printers that are specifically for printing in large volumes, this type of printers  are best to use in offices or business places where the intensity of printing is very high.

After we knew the types of printers, now we can find out what are the main functions of printers. The following are the list of printers’ functions that we can use according to their type:

For Printing Documents

This is the main function since the first release of printer in the market. This machine is capable of printing text for office documents or school assignments. At first, it could only print on thin paper, but then the printer started to develop the ability  to print on paper with a thicker texture such as photo paper. 

For Printing Photos

Nowadays, printers are widely used to print photos. With advanced technology, we can even print our photos at home if needed. Professional photo printers such as the Canon PIXMA G570 and PIXMA G670 provide 2 additional inks besides black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. The two additional inks are grey and red in order to emphasize the colours in the image. With this kind of special photo printer, you can print in larger quantities and save printing costs.

For Scanning and Copying

There are many various types of printers in the market and one of them is a multifunction printer. The all-in-one printers are commonly used for offices or homes usually have 3 main functions, print, scan, and copy. The scan function is used more at the offices than at home. With this technology, we can store our documents in a digital form. In the other words, important documents such as birth certificates, diplomas, and family cards can be stored properly in digital form. So whenever it’s needed, we can print the document on this multifunction printer.

Likewise, with the copy function, it is also more widely used at work or school. Printers that have this function will be very useful when you have to prepare a large number of documents. For example to teach in class or for meetings in the office.

For Sending Fax

Sending physical files that do not have digital forms to other places can be done with a fax machine, as long as there is a fax machine at the place to be sent. The function of the printer as a fax machine is very practical to use in offices because documents can be sent quickly to other places. Even though fax machines are no longer as widely used as they used to be, because today documents can be scanned and sent via e-mail, sometimes the function of a printer as a fax is still needed.

All of the information above included the various functions of the printer and its types. With these various functions, it is important for you to have the right printer so that it will facilitate various daily tasks and Canon Printer will help you through it.

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