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Just purchased a Canon product and interested to know more about it? 
Your Canon + You is the page for you!

Be it a camera, camcorder or a printer, we promise you a world of fun with your Canon product. Pick up useful tips on using your new Canon purchase or participate in our regular contests. Get engaged! 570

Connect Your World would handle your images, to store them in places you need them to be and to connects you to the world so you could focus on capturing the best moments and to share them with the world.

Seamless upload and download with cloud storage. You could even set automatic image forwarding to other third party cloud storage.

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Image Square

Experience Our Cameras & Lenses First-hand

Drop by our Image Square retail locations – dedicated Canon concept stores with 100% live product demonstrations where you can browse, try out, and purchase the perfect camera or lens for yourself.

Our friendly and knowledgeable imaging professionals will also be on-site to help guide you through the features of our products, as well as sharing basic photography tips. 

Creative Park

Have even more fun with PIXMA!

Creative Park is full of free materials to print, from origami paper to 3D model cutouts.

Canon Professional Services

Calling All Professional Photographers

Canon Professional Services (CPS) is an exclusive membership programme for Canon professional photographers.

The membership allows you the exclusive access to a range of benefits including priority repair service; free back-up equipment loan during repair periods and discount on labour fee.Join Now!

Join Now!

EOS DSLR cameras

For beginners to pros: Our online DSLR tutorial, support for professional photographers, tips & tricks on how to use your DSLR

IXUS and PowerShot compact cameras

Get started or improve your skills: Workshop and outing, tips & tricks on how to use your compact camera

PIXMA printers and multi-function printers

Get the best use from your PIXMA: Tips about getting the best printouts while saving costs


Read about: The different between scanners, how to get the best scans in less time, and more