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Best & Affordable Printers Recommendations

For printing purposes, many will look for best printer with affordable price. The main reason is not only because they want to reduce the cost but also maintain a better quality. To get the best print results, a high-quality printer is needed.

The needs of printers may also vary. There are those who use the printer at home, which means the usage tends to be lower. Meanwhile, for offices and other business places, the printers would be used in higher intensity. In that case, Please make sure to choose an affordable printer that suits your needs.

You can choose The Canon PIXMA printer which since its initial release has come with various complementary features in it. The quality of the prints is guaranteed to be sharp so the desired details can still be printed properly. Canon can be the best digital imaging device that you can count on, from input to output. So, there is no doubt for the results of photo printing because as we know, Canon is also best known as a brand that produces cameras.

In addition, there is an auto power on/off feature that can help you save power. In the non-printing state, the printer will go into off mode. Meanwhile, if you are going to print from a PC, tablet, or smartphone, the printer will turn on automatically when the printers get orders to print. Here are 5 of the best affordable printer from Canon PIXMA that can support your activities every day:


The first best affordable printer is PIXMA MG2570S the ink cartridge printer that capable of producing high-quality prints. This printer is also categorized as a multifunction printer because it can be used to print, scan, and copy black and white or coloured document. The print speed is up to 8.0 ipm (B/W). 4.0 ipm (colours).

To print with PIXMA MG2570S, you can simply connect it with a USB connection to your device and you can easily print on various types of paper including A4, A5, B5, Legal, 4 x 6”, 5 x 7”, and Envelopes. The PIXMA MGS2570S printer is compatible with various OS such as Windows XP, Vista, and versions above Windows 7 and Mac OS X v10.7.5 and above. Interestingly, this printer can use small size ink cartridges that are also affordable. The PIXMA MG2570s retail price is IDR 749,000.



The second option is the PIXMA G1020, this ink tank printer is capable of printing in high volumes. With the larger size (135 ml) of black ink bottle, you can print documents with lower cost (up to 7,600 pages). The print speed itself are 9.1 ipm (B/W) and 5.0 ipm (colours). Another additional benefit for this printer is the user replaceable Maintenance Cartridge, also popularly known in the industry as an “ink absorber”. All inkjet printers require an ink absorber unit and this component must be replaced after many thousands of prints as part of the regular maintenance. Now, users can easily replace this part at home or in the office when the need to do so arises, saving time and hassle in making a trip with the printer to the service centre. No wonder that the PIXMA G1020 is classified as the best affordable printer with a price range of under 2 million. You can get the PIXMA G1020 for Rp. 1,899,000.



The third best affordable printer is the PIXMA G2020 which is an all-in-one printer that can be used to print, scan, and copy. This printer is easy to use because the ink absorber and printhead can be removed and installed by yourself. You don't have to worry about spilling ink when refilling, because this printer is already equipped with an anti-spill ink bottle design and its unique ink bottle head that makes it impossible to put ink in the wrong colour tank. This affordable printer is very suitable for being used by students and home activities who have quite intense printing needs. You may get PIXMA G2020 at a price of IDR 2,249,000.



PIXMA G3020 is much more a complete series than PIXMA G2020. The advantage of this ink tank printer is the wireless features. This means that you can print from any device and send print orders without the need to connect to a cable. This all-in-one printer can be used to print, scan and copy. To use the wireless feature, you can use LAN, Mopria, AirPrint, and Direct Wireless. This printer is equipped with a 2-Line LCD display to make printing much simple and easier. For a borderless photo printing, PIXMA G3020 can print up to A4 paper size. Whatever devices you are holding, whether Windows or Mac OS can be connected to the PIXMA G3020 Printer. The retail recommended price of PIXMA G3020 is Rp. 2,849,000.



Are you looking for a printer that can print photos with a sharp colour at an affordable price? In order to print high quality photos, you can choose the PIXMA G570. This is one of the best printer that specifically designed for photo printing because of its 6 ink tanks that can give more true-to-life colours to printed images as they are in real life. The PIXMA G570 is the perfect choice for those of you who have a home photo studio business or even a photographer.

Not only that PIXMA G570 is able to print large numbers of photos, but also produce photo prints that are equivalent to studio photo quality (and of course at a lower cost). For connectivity, you can use Wireless PictBridge, Mopria, AirPrint, and Direct Wireless. With this printer, you can print 4R size photos up to 3,800 sheets, so you can imagine the savings in printing costs compared to having to go to a photo studio. You can find the PIXMA G570  in the market at a price of IDR 4,049,000.


To conclude all, the best cheap printers should be considered for its advantage, features and prices offered. In terms of price, ink tank printers are indeed higher than inkjet printers. But if it is calculated from the durability and future use, which tends to be more durable, the ink tank printers are much more efficient. Its lower ink costs save on printing costs at home or at work.

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