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Canon Printer Buying Guide is a free mobile app that helps you to choose your ideal inkjet printer or scanner. You can view the key features of selected models, and put two printers side-by-side to compare their features and specifications. With the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator, you can even estimate the running cost (cost-per-print) and simulate the total cost of ownership over a printer’s lifetime usage. More than just a product catalogue, it is the ultimate buying guide to selecting the ideal inkjet printer or scanner for your home and office.

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Canon Printer Buying Guide is available in English.

For iOS Devices:
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone® / iPad® devices.
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For Android Devices:
Available for devices running Android™ 4.4 and above.
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Search for your ideal printer or scanner in just a few touches. With the Canon Printer Buying Guide, you can easily see key information such as ink cartridge yields, key features, print speed and more.

  1. Choose by function
    Select from a range of printers and scanners. Conveniently categorised based on your printing needs.

  2. Browse by models
    All featured items are available at a single glance. From here, press to learn more about each model.
  3. Explore the capabilities
    Access key information about your preferred printer or scanner before making your purchase.

Still not sure which printer or scanner suits you best? Add your top 2 choices onto the model comparison feature. This allows you to view important specifications at a glance. In just matter of seconds, you can now match product capabilities with your expectations and make a decision from there.

  1. Add Your Favourites
    Select two printers or scanners into this comparison feature and see which suits you best.

  2. See the Results
    Get key product information in just a single touch.

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator gives you an opportunity to visualise the estimated cost of printing, including ownership of the printer over its intended period of use.

  1. Cost based on printer
    Select a printer from the dropdown list, or by scanning a QR code*, from a bookmarked location, or from previous scan history.
    *Only available in selected regions.

  2. Frequency of usage
    Input the intended printing volume every month, the intended period of use, as well as the printer cost (local currency).

  3. Get instant estimates
    View the estimated* cost of printing, as well as the cost of owning the printer over its intended lifetime usage.

*Estimated costs are based on assumption of ISO/IEC 24712 yield figures and conditions, and do not take into account of printer maintenance and operation frequency.

Your quest for the perfect printer or scanner can start anytime, even now. If you need more time to choose, simply bookmark your favourites onto the app. And revisit those models again when you're ready.
Or use the built-in QR code scanner* on any compatible Canon printers or scanners you come across. You'll be able to instantly access key model specifications and store them under Scan History for easy selection in the future.
*QR Code scanning is only available in selected regions.

  1. Bookmark
    Bookmark and save your printer selection, and return again to review your selection in the future.

  2. QR Code Scanner
    Use this app to scan QR code labels on Canon printers or scanners for more information.

  3. Scan History
    Revisit a compiled list of all scanned products on this page.